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Vendor terms & Conditions

Seller/Vendor Terms and Conditions

Please read the Customer Terms and Conditions  carefully before signing up to sell products via this website. By becoming a Seller/Vendor, you agree to these terms as well as the following:


  • You will not list or sell any items that are illegal in the United States, or in the country where you reside.
  • You will not list or sell any items that are of an overt sexual nature (pornography, graphic nudity)
  • You will not sell any food or drink products, or anything that is inhaled, insufflated, snorted, or otherwise "consumed" by the human body. This includes tobacco, alcohol, & drugs.


All sellers are responsible for listing the costs of their chosen shipping method clearly using the field in the product page. Please click here if you require assistance with setting your shipping costs. 

Sellers are encouraged to communicate shipping information to their customers. This can be done on the orders page after an order has been placed, and the item shipped. 

Returns & Disputes

Sellers are responsible for describing whether returns, refunds, or cancellations are allowed for items. Please ensure that this is clearly indicated in your own seller terms, which can be modified on your vendor administration page. Please click here if you require assistance with setting your own terms and conditions your customers must agree to. 

Commissions and Payment to Sellers/Vendors

AlleyCove pays you, the Seller/Vendor, after a small waiting period (typically 5 days) via the Stripe account created during the on-boarding process. Our commission is a percentage taken from the pre-tax sale amount (cost of item + any shipping). Though variable commissions will likely be introduced at some point, as of 2023, our base commission is 9%.

For Sales to Customers in Kansas and Texas: we must deduct Sales Tax in addition to commission and Stripe fees.

Stripe deducts a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 from the total charged amount. After that, sales tax, and our commission are deducted. The rest is paid to your bank account automatically.


You sell an item for 10 dollars (w/ free shipping) to a customer in Texas. After sales tax, the total amount charged is 10.79 (Sales Tax of 7.94%).

Stripe deducts their fee of $.61 (2.9% + $.30), leaving $10.18.

After that, the amount for Sales Tax ($.79) plus our 9% Commission ($.90) are deducted (for a total of $1.69). Your remaining payout is $8.49.